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The first Taipan 5hr Event was a Success!

Our very first Taipan Team Endurance 5hr event happened at Raw Challenge Gold Coast on Saturday, during their massive March event weekend. Starting at 1pm in the hot GC sun, competitors checked in, put on their Taipan tanks then strapped on their packs containing 20% of their bodyweight in weight. We got them very uncomfortable early, setting a punishing pace and getting them to understand the gravity of the next 5 hours before them. Catch the Highlight video below

We trekked our Taipan team across a good part of the Raw Challenge GC property


Shortly after checking the gear, the team were given their first clue, this led them to the first location where they found another clue. This is how the first few hours went down. Clue to get to a location, complete and objective then get to another clue.

Our athletes had to solve puzzles like these to progress through the event.

The team solved a clue telling them to build stretchers for carrying gear so people could keep up.

After trekking around the property learning to work together and build real world survival skills, the Taipan crew learned their main mission. Taipan Team Endurance is all about building resilience in our competitors. We do this by getting them physically uncomfortable then taxing their mental capabilities. We are also very focused on learning to live with the world around us. Out at Raw Challenge Gold Coast, the landowners manage the property including raising cattle and other animals and managing protected Koala habitats. One real issue the staff have is with the Dam. There is a pest plant called duck weed that is constantly taking over the surface of the water, Raw regularly have to clear it out and that's a pain in the ass as there are islands in the middle. The Taipan task for this event was to build a bridge out of bamboo, to make this chore easier for the Raw team to complete. The instructions I gave them were that I needed to be able to walk across it without getting wet.

Safe to say the event was a massive success. Check out the link for the next Taipan Team Endurance 5hr event at Raw Challenge Gold Coast on Saturday 21st October 2023 HERE


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