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Creating Resilient Humans

What is Taipan?

The Taipan Team Endurance 5hr is all about creating more resilient humans. 


Ancient man had to fight to survive every day. He lived in tribes where everyone watched out for each other and cooperated to complete tasks for the good of the community.


Tough times make tough humans and facing constant hardships made ancient man more prepared for difficulties in his future.


While this existence seems bleak, evidence tells us that the tribes of ancient humans were very happy places, living a simple existence in balance with nature is what our bodies evolved for.


Life today is comparatively much easier than it ever has been and at the same time we are able to compare ourselves on social media to amazing humans who have glamorous lives we can never hope to measure up to. 


This combination has lead to less mental resilience and higher anxiety which is contributing to mental health issues all over the world. 


Taipan is all about building the capacity of the human mind and body to endure and operate while facing hardship. 


By doing difficult things by choice you ready yourself for those difficulties in your life that you didn’t see coming. 


We also aim to teach you some of the skills and knowledge that modern man has forgotten, including real world survival skills with elements of conservation. 


We will be getting you very uncomfortable, then getting you to solve problems in teams or as a unit. 


The Taipan Team Endurance 5hr will be a team based event open to almost all fitness levels, tasks will be structured in a way to allow all participants of different abilities to be able to do thier share of the work. 


The strong will carry the weak to get the tasks completed without leaving anyone behind. 

Think a mix between a military bootcamp and an escape room.


In the end you will be more capable than you were when you started.

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Who is Taipan for?

Taipan Endurance is for literally anyone who wants to level themselves up. Anyone who wishes they were able to ride the waves of life a little more adeptly. 


It is for those who enjoy exercise and being outdoors, for people who want a deeper human connection to those around them. 


It is for anyone who is unhappy when comparing their lives to others, for people who think that they aren’t good enough. 


Taipan is also for absolute savages and those who are natural born leaders. 


With a wide variety of tasks, different strengths and weaknesses will come into play across the events. 

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Matt and Mick, the minds and madness behind Taipan

Matt and Mick, the minds and madness behind Taipan


Intelligence and skill can only operate at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong

-John F Kennedy


It is not the strongest or most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change

-Charles Darwin


It’s your reaction to adversity, not the adversity itself, that determines how your life’s story will develop

-Dieter Friedrich 



If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together 

-African Proverb


Matt has been taking everyday Aussies and making them more resilient with One Moore Rep for years!

Matt has been taking everyday Aussies and making them more resilient with One Moore Rep for years!

Our March 18th Event

Our very first Taipan Team Endurance 5hr event is happening at the amazing Raw Challenge Gold Coast, on the Saturday afternoon of their massive 9km event weekend. 


This means that you can potentially complete Raw and Taipan on the same day, or at least the same weekend if you hit Raw on the Sunday. 


This will make travel costs a bit easier to digest and Taipan will have a lot of amenities like food trucks available prior to the start of the event. 


We will be starting at 1pm sharp on the day and will be checking in everyone’s mandatory gear list at this time. All the gear that we will require you to bring will be utilised during the event, we will also strive to keep the gear list as simple as possible. You will be able to procure everything at a Bunnings hardware store. 


You will be provided with a Taipan finisher tank at the start of the event and all participants will wear this throughout the event. On completion, you will receive a 2023 finisher medal. 


Taipan is going to be difficult but provided you don’t quit, you will make it to the end.


All up you can expect to hit a solid 4 hours of exercise, we will be moving you with a sense of purpose but you won’t need to be able to run. 


You will sweat, bleed and cry as a unit, you will make friends for life.




One Moore Rep is the largest group of trained OCR athletes in Australia, led by lunatic obstacle racing addict Matt Moore. 


While Matt specialises in getting beginners into the sport, they have athletes ranging from first timers in their 50’s to younger athletes nipping at elite podiums. 


In the Spartan races since the beginning of 2019 in Australia, OMR clients have taken out Over 80 competitive podiums, including 35+ Gold, 25+ Silver and 20+ Bronze medals. 


Alongside coaching the largest number of successful athletes in the sport in Australia, Matt is possibly the most active obstacle racer in Australia and regularly takes on crazy challenges, like running events in a full metal suit of armour and completing the 24hr Enduro carrying a 45kg log.


Screenshot 2023-02-10 at 12.36.36.png

Mick Stuart is the founder of Uncaged Human Performance Coaching.

He is a biohacker and is well studied in all sorts of styles of exercise and longevity, boasting over 10 years in the fitness industry and classing himself as an expert generalist.

Mick is the current head Krypteia for Spartan Race's Hurricane Heat and is no stranger to crazy endurance events

As a personal challenge, Mick once locked himself in a silent gym and completed one hour on a free runner, one hour on an assault bike then one hour of burpees on rotation, whilst blindfolded for a full 24 hours. 

Trust us when we say if anyone can find creative ways to get you out of your comfort zone, it's Michael Stuart

Taipan Team endurance 5hr March 18th 2023 gear list.png

We have aimed to keep the gear list as minimal and essential as possible. With our suggestions you can get your gear list for $38 if you have a pack or $63 if you don't own one.

Click here for the interactive PDF gear list with all of our gear suggestions



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