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One Moore Rep is all about ordinary people doing extra ordinary things. 

We are the crazy people that other people watch in awe. 

With the right training and support, you can truly do anything and we are all about getting you to push further than you ever have before without breaking your body in the process.

When you do difficult things by choice, the difficult things you haven't chosen become much easier.

When you join us we will create the perfect plan made specifically for you, using equipment you have access to and find a way to fit it into your busy schedule to get you results, guaranteed.

While most of the people who work with OMR are regular people with busy lives just looking to do amazing things, since 2019 we have taken out 52 x competitive podiums in Spartan Races alone, including 21x🥇14x🥈17x🥉


Matt left corporate life to become a fitness professional in 2016.

Around that time he hit his very first Spartan Race in Sydney and was instantly hooked on the sport.

He quickly realised that when his clients were training for and completing races that something a little different was happening compared to clients just training to get muscles or lose fat.

People were changing on a mindset level.

Matt decide to dedicate OMR to be all about getting people into and better at obstacle racing specifically.

He is an endurance athlete himself and could be the most active OCR racer in Australia if you look at the amount of events he enters.

He loves races of all lengths but is better at the longer grinder stuff like 24hr enduros. 

Matt is a running coach with a great track record and has refined his programming over years of training winning athletes.




Monique is our amazing Accountability Coach and is one of the driving forces behind our client's success. 

Mon is the current Spartan Age Cat champion for her 18 - 24 age group and is a great up and coming athlete in the sport. 

She is also a qualified Personal Trainer and runs her own PT business in Sydney, Australia. 

Mon is responsible for setting up and delivering our custom programs to our clients, then helping them adjust things as they need to.

Monique also messages every single client regularly to keep them on track and guarantee their success!

Keep an eye on Monique in the future as she pushes into the elite category!



The OMR Obstacle Racers Fit Fam is a group run by Matt on Facebook that is the largest independent community of OCR racers in the country, this is a great place to go to ask any questions regarding OCR, be it what you should eat on course or what you should wear.

Matt also runs loads of podcasts and creates content for every race organiser in Australia.


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