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Raw Challenge Gold Coast

About the most fun you can have on an obstacle course in Australia, Raw GC has been running since 2014, on property that has been owned by the family for 5 generations.

Raw holds 2 x main events each year, around March and October where you can tackle the 9km 60+ obstacle course or opt for the shorter 4km and kids events.

This is Matt’s home event and OMR are sponsors of the Elite wave, Use code MattsMob24 for a cheap ticket and we will see you there!


Red Dust OCR

Red Dust OCR is hosting world class OCR events on the west coast of Australia and is looking to grow the sport from the grass roots level. 

They host multiple events a year across various distances and don't hold back with their innovative obstacle design and desire to put on the best events possible!

We are working on a code for 2024 with Red Dust, stay tuned!


Tough Mudder Australia

Tough Mudder is a huge racing brand that was bought out by Spartan Race International in 2020. 

They hold loads of events each year around the world and after a few year absence are returning to Australia in 2023!

TM events are fantastic on your own but really stand out as a fun way to run with friends. 

I'll do my best to get a discount code for this one for you soon!


Obstacle Hell

Obstacle Hell holds a few events each year up the north east coast of Austrlia, from Coffs Harbour to Cairns. 

With over 45 obstacles, a fun vibe and very reasonable costs, this is a great one to start with if you're interested in the sport.

I'll track down a code for this one!



True Grit Australia

TG Australia is the largest Australian owned and operated military inspired OCR that changes venue. 

Started by special forces TG has been operating for years and you can catch their events in NSW, QLD, WA and SA. 

TG used to run the amazing 24hr Enduro out of their Sydney venue, hosting their last enduro in 2022. 

Use the code MOORE10 for a discount on signup for their 2023 events.


Spartan Race Australia

Spartan is the largest endurance brand in the world, hosting over 350 events per year in 50 countries. 

Spartan Aus runs events all over Australia, across various distances including 5km, 10km, 21km and 50km events. 

The gold standard for competitive obstacle course racing.

I currently do not have a code for Spartan Australia

IMG_9050 2.JPG

Raw Challenge Doyalson

Raw Challenge Doyalson is located 90 minutes north of Sydney and holds 2 main events a year. 

They boast a 7km course with over 60 obstacles and being a fixed location are able to construct some cool things for people to climb over!

A great entry level event, this is another fantastic one to hit with family and friends

I will hunt down a discount code for this one for you!


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