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A Perfect Weekend at Raw Challenge Gold Coast

With thousands of athletes hitting their world class course, plus the very first Taipan kicking off on Saturday, Raw Challenge Gold Coast once again raised their own standards over the weekend for their first event of 2023. This experienced team continues to expand and innovate and combined with the amazing attitude and vibes set by the staff and entertainment choices, Raw is quickly becoming the best OCR event in the country.

Raw Challenge GC is around a 9km course with over 60 obstacles, competitors run all over the Numinbah Valley property with about half the running on nicely mowed grass with easy ups and downs to the forest sections, run on fire trails that aren't too technical but have a few tricky spots and a few hills to traverse. Obstacles vary greatly, from small walls 3ft up to walls 10ft to scale, various hanging and grip heavy obstacles plus all sorts of objects to climb over, go under or go through. The team are always adding new obstacles and cutting new trails, this version of the course was about a km longer than it has been previously, with some new trails cut through the forest. The course measured about 8.5km from my run on Sunday, expect to see it longer again for their October event. Raw really go out of their way to put on a fun production, there is music covering a large portion of the course and a live band in the afternoon, plus loads of friendly volunteers make this a race with some of the best vibes anywhere.


THE ELITE REPORT While Saturday mornings main competitive wave had loads of athletes running this weekend, the field wasn't as stacked as recent years, missing the likes of top local athletes Liam McKenzie, Adrian Jannega and Tony Curtis. This meant that Quinton Gill was able to take a comfortable lead early and easily hold it for his 6th straight win at the venue.

Danielle Hills put on an amazing performance just one week after her 16th birthday, demolishing the rest of the female competitors by over 10 minutes. Her older sister Joanna is usually unbeatable at this venue, I saw her getting around the venue on crutches, cheering on her sister while an injury heals. It's going to be amazing watching these young athletes develop as they only get stronger and faster every year.

Matthew Day repped the pink for a second place finish

OMR favourite Matty Day took out 2nd place with his best Raw finish yet and with One Moore Rep sponsoring the weekend and specifically the Elite wave, I was proud to see him standing on the podium on the day. Catch a post race chat I had with him HERE I filmed the complete race both on foot and in a buggy at times, you can catch my full race footage at the FB page below. Male Podium 1st ($700) - Quinton Gill - 51.49 2nd ($300) - Matthew Day - 57.47 3rd ($100) - Anthony Johnston - 1.03.37 Female Podium 1st ($700) - Danielle Hills - 58.00 2nd ($300) - Lisa Parkes - 1.08.50 3rd ($100) - Robyn Koszta - 1.09.58

Catch the video of the full Raw GC competitive wave below, sponsored by One Moore Rep


The very first Taipan Team Endurance 5hr event also took place at Raw over the weekend, click below to learn all about it!


Want to level up your OCR game? Click the link below to schedule a free chat with me

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