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Lockdown Tip #2

More lockdown tips to stop you from losing your mind in captivity.

Tip #2 - Get outside and move, in the sun if you can help it!

(If there's no sun ever, I'd definitely move 😂)

Now I don't want to get all political about this, I've been advocating walks to get back on track and stay mentally healthy waaaay before any pandemic.

Getting active and getting Vitamin D are both going to help you whether you're worried about getting sick or not but do the right thing, cover up, keep your distance and don't kiss anyone on the mouth.

I always find daily walks as a great stepping stone to kick start some good momentum to progress to more hardcore exercise later.

Why not combine it with Tip #1, Get up at the same time EVERY day. Go for a walk first thing 🤙🏼

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