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Lockdown Tip #1

Our hearts go out to every single one of you stuck in lockdowns at the moment. For my international readers over half of Australia is currently under strict stay at home orders.

Many of my clients and friends have lost some momentum with their training as gyms close and routines are destroyed.

It can be super easy to slip into bad habits in lockdown like staying up late, sleeping in, binging Netflix and smashing Uber Eats.

To help you guys out I'm going to spend the next few emails bringing you some of my top tips to getting back on the wagon after falling face fucking first off the back of it.

This one is important.

Get up at the same time every morning if you can manage it. What time you go to bed isn't as important (Try to get 7 - 9 hours sleep a night)

I know it can be hard to be disciplined in getting up when you're in lockdown, trust me, I can binge Netflix with the best of them.

If your sleep is all out of whack, everything else tends to follow it. If yours is terrible, spend the next week getting it back on track and I guarantee you will be operating better by this time next weekend!

To make sure you don’t miss my lockdown tips, head over to the link in my bio and subscribe to the mailing list at the bottom 🤙🏼

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