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Running at the Beach

Join Matt Moore and athletes all around Australia for the FREE OMR Virtual Running Festival!

For 6 hours on Saturday 14th August, you can run a 5km anywhere, then upload your results to the LIVE scoreboard.

It doesn't matter how fast or slow you go, or how many 5km laps you want to do!

Just join in from 12pm to 6pm AEST!

Matt will be running a live Zoom party all throughout the event, chatting to all the competitors, asking about their lockdown experience, how they are staying active and keeping everyone entertained.

Catch live interviews with star athletes, some of Matt's top tips and even some giveaways!



One Moore Rep is the largest group of trained OCR athletes in Australia, led by lunatic obstacle racing addict Matt Moore. 


While Matt specialises in getting beginners into the sport, they have athletes ranging from first timers in their 50’s to younger athletes nipping at elite podiums. 


In the Spartan races since the beginning of 2019 in Australia, OMR clients have taken out 52 competitive podiums, including 21 Gold, 14 Silver and 17 Bronze medals. 


Whether you are looking to win an event, complete more obstacles or get rid of the niggling injuries that are slowing you down, Matt and his team will personally cater to your situation and equipment with customised programming and running coaching.

Running Squad

So how is this going to work?

The OMR Virtual Running Festival IS NOT primarily a competitive event. 

It is about getting people moving and bringing those who have been isolated together again digitally.
There will be prizes awarded for fastest lap, most laps completed, plus other categories but for the most part just turn up in the zoom party, have a run and hang out with some Aussies just trying to survive lockdowns.

There are no time requirements, you can walk your whole 5km if you like, please just adhere to local government exercise guidelines.

In saying all of that, there are some rules and formalities.

All competitors must submit a completed lap report for EACH LAP completed at the OMR Virtual Running Festival Race Form. 
The link will be emailed out in your confirmation email.

Every single lap completed must be completed after the start of the event at 12pm AEST August 14th and prior to the end of the event at 6pm AEST on the same day to be eligible for prizes. (Exemption for those working, see below)

Participants who cannot attend and run during the 6 hours of the event can submit a lap, providing you complete it on the SAME DAY as the running festival. So you can run 5km at 4am AEST on Saturday 14th and submit ONE completed lap. Please note that while you WON'T be able to win the prize for fastest lap, Matt will be giving out prizes such as free running consultations for everyone who submits laps, which you will be in the running for. 

For those chasing prizes, photo proof of your Strava or Garmin data may be required to verify times. You will be advised of this while completing the lap form, but just be aware of it when going out for runs if you are chasing the quickest times, most laps etc.

Competitors are able to complete their 5km loops on a treadmill, but WILL NOT be eligible for competitive prizes for obvious reasons. 
Matt himself will most likely hit a lap or two throughout the event on his treadmill live on Zoom!

Competitors are encouraged to come and mingle in the zoom party, on signup below you will receive the zoom link, the link to the lap form document and an invite to the FB event. 

Competitors are encouraged to come and mingle in the zoom party, on signup below you will receive the zoom link, the link to the lap form document and an invite to the FB event. 

We encourage all athletes to share and tag us in stories and posts throughout the event using the hashtag #omrvirtualrun 

Matt understands the difficult financial situation being faced by many Australians right now and is running the event completely free of charge.

If you know of anyone who may like to donate prizes, please Contact Matt direct.

Remember there is a special place in hell for those who cheat in virtual events

There will be a live scoreboard running throughout the event to share your efforts with your friends and family and follow others!


Where are you located in Australia?
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