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True Grit QLD Was Lit 🔥

True Grit QLD went off in their new Kooralbyn venue last weekend and OMR were lucky to be there both Saturday and Sunday to take it all in! Held around the Kooralbyn Mountain Bike Trails, the venue had a heap of nice single track running and nice hills with downhill switchbacks. With lots of bikes hitting these trails regularly, they were pretty compact and free of rocks which meant a very forgiving run for those not too adept at hitting technical trails. Some new obstacles and unique approaches to things kept things fresh which was great to see. The event was really well run, the festival area was neat and laid out well and the overall professionalism of the operation impressed me. Little additions like the flame cannons that synchronised to some of the beats laid down by the DJ were a nice touch. It's great to see True Grit working hard to put on the quality of events that they have been, I'm hoping they continue to grow and keep providing events of the same caliber. The easiest way to ensure they do is to support them by turning up on the day. There's one event left on their 2022 calendar, Perth, Western Australia on the 22nd and 23rd October. You can sign up HERE, use the code OMR2022 for a discount on tickets.


The Elite Report

Kicking off at 8 30am Saturday morning, the elites took off hard and fast into the first 1500m with 150m of vertical gain. This was the main chunk of elevation for the event and the vert did a good job of spreading the field early in the race. The conditions were perfect for racing, brisk in the morning which means ideal for dropping the hammer. Obstacles were a little dewey first thing but not so tough that there were many burpees going around at the pointy end of the field. There was a late change to the course when race director Tom made a safety call on Friday, cutting a section of the track deemed a bit too unsafe with some recent rain. The athletes never hit the treachery mile obstacle, which meant the overall event was not quite 10km. My Garmin read 8.2km in all 3 of my laps over the weekend. While the field was missing the likes of local speed demons Liam McKenzie and Quinton Gill, Adrian Jannenga turned up and turned it on, he took out first position handily with a few minutes up his sleeve. There was 40 seconds between 2nd and 5th place in the elite mens, which would have been a great race to watch. The recent winner of True Grit NSW, Jordan Green managed to just hold out the winner of the True Grit Enduro Robyn Koszta and I grabbed a chat with her before and after the event which you can catch below on my IG TOP TEN FEMALE RESULTS

  1. Jordan Green | 51.12

  2. Robyn Koszta | 51.36

  3. Ellis Slee | 52.23

  4. Diana Maher | 53.24

  5. Sarah King | 55.33

  6. Dani Taylor | 57.22

  7. Dagmar Mulligan | 59.25

  8. Katie Barrow | 62.25

  9. Jacki Jeynes | 62.41

  10. Ellie Hall | 64.28


  1. Adrian Jannenga | 40.35

  2. Mckenzie O’Brien | 42.28

  3. Zane Keleher | 42.44

  4. Clayton O’Brien | 42.49

  5. Matthew Day | ​​43.13

  6. Simon Wilson | 46.11

  7. Byron Smith | 46.14

  8. Shaun Blackburn | 47.12

  9. Michael Spence | 47.20

  10. Darren Wallace | 47.30


Thanks to everyone who came and had a chat to me at the OMR tent over the weekend, we had a heap of clients running the event and also had a heap of fun with our burpee competition!

Super proud of OMR legend Matty Day who ended up taking out 5th place in the event, missing the podium by just 20 seconds. Loads of other clients hit new PB's, completed new obstacles for the first time and had fun ripping up the course. Shoutout to Jamie who smashed the course with me on Sunday morning!

Congratulations to Sarah and Karen who won the free running consults with me for our Saturday and Sunday giveaways. It was so great to get out on course and see so many people in our kit! Catch some of the burpee highlights here!

Do you want to take your racing to the next level? Book a free call with me to learn what working with OMR will look like!


Want to train for QLD obstacle racing? I'm back running my free OCR bootcamps at EMF Nerang on Sundays! Always best to check with me if it's on as I travel a bit and often have events, either message me direct or keep an eye on my stories.

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