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Treacherous Terrain at Spartan Sunshine Coast!

Spartan Race Australia delivered another technically difficult event this weekend on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, using a sugar cane farm to great effect to challenge elites and beginners alike. The long dry grass did a fantastic job of hiding the terrain underneath so athletes had to be ready for anything as their feet came down, flat ground, a hole or a break left or right. This kept the medics busy as competitors of all levels limped off the course throughout the day. This is the second time this year that Spartan has managed to make a course with no elevation interesting after a swampy Port Stephens event 4 weeks back and this in my opinion is a good thing. This is the essence of Spartan, to be challenged and surprised, to keep you on your toes and to force you to prepare for literally anything. With the Tooradin Super the next event in the Spartan Aus line up, athletes at least have a bit of an idea what they are in for, while I personally remember Tooradin being a faster course, the finishing time for the Elite event there back in 2019 are very similar to the Sunny Coast times.


Catch the Spartan Trail results from my IG page here 👇🏼



In what is becoming a trend that might stick, I decided to skip running in my own competitive wave to instead film the Elite main event (The Super) LIVE on the OMR Facebook Page.

With the layout of this race, I filmed the athletes as they came in close to the festival area each time, catching the action at the Monkey Bars, Hercules hoist, Rope Climb and the Multi Rig! While I would usually run alongside the athletes the flu had me in a sorry state Saturday morning so I apologise for what might be a bit of a flatter commentary performance than what I usually try to deliver. You can catch all the action from the elite race below! This is about 80 mins of uninterrupted live video, so I've also pulled out the finish line interviews I completed with Liam, Quinton and AJ and posted them at my IG page.

Liam McKenzie brought enough fire with him to take out the win, but with only 27 seconds between the first and third male athletes, this was a tight one. Joanna Hills continues to destroy the female competition, beating out the closest elite female competitor by a full minute per km of racing.

The Elite Podiums Mens Super 🥇Liam MCKENZIE (#51) 00:49:10 🥈Quinton GILL (#27) 00:49:27 🥉Adrian JANNENGA (#36) 00:49:37 Womens Super 🥇Joanna HILLS (#32) 00:52:442 🥈Rachel ARNOLD (#5)01:02:02 🥉Robyn KOSZTA (#40)01:06:01 Mens Sprint 🥇Tony CURTIS (#718) 00:27:19 🥈Adrian JANNENGA (#735) 00:27:42 🥉Quinton GILL (#726) 00:27:58 Womens Sprint 🥇Joanna HILLS (#731) 00:28:53 🥈Robyn Koszta (#69)00:33:58 🥉Chelsea Dyer (#278)00:35:03 Want the full race results including all the Age Cat podiums? Head over to Multisport Australia HERE


Swipe across for finish line interviews with the top three male super athletes below!


Should I continue to film these events Live? Please let me know your thoughts below.


As usual, I couldn't be prouder of the ever growing pink OMR army! We took out 13 x competitive podiums over the weekend with some standout performances from OMR Coach Funda Sezgin who took out a Gold and Silver, Monique Mccreanor who also took home a first and second, Dominika who won her category and the performance of the weekend going to Shane Vearing. Shane stepped up to his first competitive event and went home with the second place in the 60+ mens category of the Sprint with only one set of burpees!

Want to step on your first podium? Maybe you want to do less burpees? Perhaps you just want to join the largest group of trained OCR athletes in Australia who also happen to be a group of absolute legends? (I have a no dickhead policy) Book a FREE call direct with me and we can chat about it


Want in to the next OMR Raw Challenge Bootcamp? The next one is in 2 weeks on Sunday 13th June! It doesn’t matter whether you are an elite athlete or a complete beginner, these bootcamps are designed to level up your skills in OCR and introduce you to other legends in the Gold Coast community!

Format on the day will be;

🧗‍♂️ 60 minute short course obstacle race

🧗‍♂️ 30 minute teamwork challenge

🧗‍♂️ 30 minute obstacle masterclass with Matt

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As usual, please let me know your thought and feedback!


Matt Moore


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