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If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else

One of the best coping strategies I've found when hitting long events is helping others who are struggling.

When you help others it shifts the focus away from your own discomfort and you tend to feel a hell of a lot better afterwards.

While stopping to help every person who can't get over a wall maybe isn't the best competitive race strategy, if you're not too concerned with moving quickly you will be amazed at just how much better your race experience will be.

I find that this is the same off the course.

If I'm struggling with consistency in my training then I help others with their consistency. If my nutrition has gone off track I help others with theirs (Check out the upcoming nutrition reset HERE)

Through helping others you will always find an easier path to your own goals.

So if you are undertaking a journey of improvement, find others who are on the same path and lift and support them. You might be pleasantly surprised at how much easier your own journey becomes.

If you are at the @spartanraceau Sunny Coast event this weekend and struggling, try to find some people who are also toiling away and give them a hand or some positive reinforement. Then let me know afterwards how you felt

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