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Consistency is what turns average into excellence

When I see my athletes absolutely cleaning up at their race weekends, I see this as the payoff for all the work I know they have put in leading up to that event specifically and the months and years before that.

While I enjoy working with really talented athletes, I possibly get more pleasure out of helping people turn into really talented athletes through consistency and hard work.

Anyone can get good results in a short time. To be able to sustain those results, while constantly improving and overcoming injuries and other barriers is a much harder task to accomplish.

This is what separates the good from the great and I'm so blessed to be surrounded by many such people.

Many of you will be familiar with @moniquemccreanor, Our amazing accountability coach at One Moore Rep.

From Monique starting as a client to now helping me with keeping our clients on track and programming for them, I couldn't be prouder of the journey she has had so far.

I know Monique really understands the ethos that I've worked so hard to instil into our athletes and the OMR community and it shows in her continued excellence at race events.

Mon plans to step into the elite category moving forwards and I know she is going to kill it, so I'm looked forwards to reporting on her reults in the future!

Do you wish you could achieve something tomorrow that you can't do today?

Send me a message, we can help you get there

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