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Commitment or Compromise?

When you ran for the photographer but he snuck up on you walking later.

In all seriousness I felt really off this morning at @parkrunau Broadbeach Waters.

I woke up feeling terrible and an old version of me might have decided to cancel.

Instead I loaded up a podcast and thought I’ll turn up and run and if it doesn’t feel right then ease back to a walk.

Making a commitment to yourself and your training doesn’t mean you push when you know you shouldn’t. That’s how you get injured.

At the same time though if you’ve made a decision to not miss a parkrun all year like I have then you have to stick to it, every time you let yourself get lazy the will to be lazy gets stronger.

Willpower is like a muscle. The more often you flex it the better it gets.

Learning the balance between commitment and compromise is a super important part of any sustainable fitness journey.

Have you struggled with this balance? Let me know below!

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