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This post is a bit of a tribute to one of my favourite online creators on IG @visualizevalue

Daily they post simple pictures that explain visually many inspiring and interesting quotes and concepts, it is simple and it is powerful.

This particular image that I completely ripped off from them and overlayed onto my photo is a concept that sums up the whole reason I love obstacle racing.

We live our lives in increasing levels of comfort, technology and abundance meaning that life now is dramatically easier on our bodies and minds relative to generations ago.

This is having an effect on society as a whole, as we struggle less we also become less resilient. When we actually hit some true difficulties, many people just don't have the tools in their toolbox required to deal with it.

Obstacle racing for me is all about getting out and doing difficult things. It's about removing the bubble wrap we surround ourselves with and getting fucking uncomfortable, about pushing past limits and facing demons.

By choosing to complete difficult things by choice, we ready ourselves for those obstacles that we didn't anticipate.

Let me know what your toughest experience on course has been!

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Physically my upper body is shit. Mentally i still think like an over weight person and doubt myself. Then the two come together and i really doubt myself. This makes me shit scared to go out on course on my own.


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