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OMR Clients Traffic Lights

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Life can change quickly and often. Maintaining consistency with training and nutrition is the most important thing for achieving long term sustainable success with any program. But how do you know when you are biting off more than you can chew? There are many factors that go into how you feel day to day. From how much sleep you get, what you eat and how much down time you have, to how much you have on your plate, it can be easy to overdo it meaning time off from burnout. Matt has created a simple little tool to track how you feel day to day, called the traffic light system (Credit one of Matt's coaches Luke Tulloch) Every morning you are going to check in and report on how you feel that day. List anything that could factor in to how you feel. Feel great? What could have helped with this (I've been eating clean, I had a great sleep) Feel terrible? Why? (I had a huge event or training day, I drank my bodyweight in vodka yesterday, etc) After a little while of doing these check ins, you will begin to see trends in how you feel. You will also identify some features of your lifestyle that could be standing in your way to make progress towards your goals.

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