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Personalised running consultation

With Matt

Unfuck your running and learn to enjoy doing what we were born to do!

Matt will need some videos of you running prior to the consult so he can go over them with you during the chat.

If you haven't left yourself enough time prior to the consult to get them done, please change your booking or let Matt know personally so he can rebook.

You will need a few videos at different speeds from different angles, preferably filmed outside, but on a treadmill will do.

You will need 6 videos in total, all around 10 seconds in length.

Please film 3 videos at your easy run pace, one running directly towards the camera, one past the camera (side view) and one away from the camera. 

Please also film the same three videos at a hard running pace, say just quicker than your 5km tempo.

Please send these direct to Matt through the email

If you can drop them into your dropbox or google drive that will be even better, please email the link to Matt.

The videos we need

Running past the camera at 2 different speeds

Running towards the camera at 2 different speeds

Running away from the camera at 2 different speeds

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