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Dress for the job you want, not the job you have

This may seem like a piss take, and of course it is a bit.

But I’m also going to try to make a rational point about why turning up like you’re supposed to be there can make all the difference.

So much of our education system teaches us to ask for permission, it teaches us not to explore, not to try new things.

We are taught to stay in our lanes, to speak when spoken to, to not upset the status quo.

Never has it been easier to create your own destiny though, as it is right now.

Social media makes it possible to stand out, to get attention for excellence. Don’t confuse that with attention for being a fuckwit. Personally I’ve done both online, doing silly things more because I like making people smile than me trying to get cheap attention.

You don’t gain respect for carrying on, you gain it for creating value and literally anyone can do this. It doesn’t have to be online either.

When I started in obstacle racing, I gave myself the goal of becoming the largest OCR coach in Australia. I didn’t ask anyone if I was allowed to do it, I asked people what would help them race better.

People wanted obstacle tutorials, so I made them and put them up for free. People wanted workouts every week, so I stuck to posting free weekly workouts for years.

I found problems and I solved them and that’s what I continue to do.

I’ve not always stayed on track perfectly but I’ve remained consistent for years and that’s what will get you ahead.

So many of the things I’ve done and accomplished, I just turned up and started doing. I don’t wait for someones permission.

Filming interviews with athletes and posting race videos was just something I thought no-one else was doing and people would value.

Do I still shit myself sometimes when I approach some of these people? Of course. I just don’t let that stop me. I pretend and act like I’m supposed to be there and it all works out.

Your situation might be very different to mine but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve it.

In the past I’ve climbed the ladder at companies I’ve worked at just because I’ve done what others wouldn’t.

I invested in my own education, I turned up early, stayed back late. This doesn’t mean I became the person at work who everyone piled everything on.

I told my managers that I wanted to succeed, was willing to work for the opportunity, then I followed through.

Consistently going above and beyond is a great way to get ahead and it’s never been easier. The standard you need to get above is lower than ever.

As society gets weaker and weaker, you can now have a competitive advantage just by turning up every single day and putting your head down.

Work smarter not harder but then, once you’ve optimised what you’re doing, then also work harder.

Got a position you want to go for at work? What skills do you need? Who do you need to know, Are you currently behaving like someone that deserves more responsibility?

Find some problems that need solving then work out what kind of person would be able to solve them, then become that person.

This isn’t just about work either. You can apply this mindset to every facet of your life.

Take a personal audit and look at where you can improve, then do that in every area you can and then keep doing it.

We all have dreams we want to accomplish. But no-one is coming to fulfil your dreams for you. You need to make them happen.

You can coast through life if you want, most people do, but that isn’t the only path. You can create your own destiny.

Just remember, it is and always will be your choice.

“If You Don't Build Your Dream, Someone Will Hire You to Help Build Theirs”

- Tony A. Gaskins Jr.

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